The Titanic Survivors are:





With the body of Justin Timberlake and the voice of Pavarotti (or should that be the otherway round?) Ant brings something to the band that no one else can - boyish good looks, epic vocals and one hell of a mean tambourine solo! 





Gordon will tell you that nothing else on earth is like the epic sound of his Gibson SG when played through the mega Marshall Anniversary 6100 amp.  Turn it up to No 11! 


Fantastic rhythm work, classic solos and great vocals...even all at the same time...but not necessarily in the right order!...absolutely awesome!





Dunk White...A quality bassman and legendary cyclist!  If Carlsberg made bassmen...he'd be a Kronenbourg! 


Currently he's on day release from the Isle of Wight but has regular visitation rights.






Graham McGregor...a legend in his own lunchtime! He has many years experience playing in numerous bands and still has the battle scars to prove it!


The foundation of any good band is the rhythm section...bass and drums and rock and roll...thats the Titanic Survivors...Mega Pop Rock Solid!







A great year for the Titanic Survivors and their Mega Pop Rock.  An ever expanding set and new possibilites with our excellent vocalist Ant.  Rock and roll on 2018! 



July 2017

A big thanks to all who watched us at the Bishops Blaize as part of the Beggars Fair super charity event.  We really enjoyed ourselves.  The car park was packed to see all the bands on the was a great event and we sounded awesome. Special thanks to Wayne from the Bishops Blaize, Steve from Life O'Reilly and Ed the sound man.  It was memorable.


Jan 2017

It's been a great start to the year for the Titanic Survivors with the first gigs by our new vocalist Ant Morrison who is providing quality lead vocals bringing extra bada boom bada bing to our shows.



Nov 2016

The awesome power of The Titanic Survivors continues into 2017...we are also currently rehearsing with a singer to become a 4 piece outfit and add even more to our power!  Further anouncements shortly.




A website facelift for the Titanic Survivors, with lots of new photos and videos...


Things  are warming up nicely for The Titanic Survivors this year...more booking coming in and more new songs coming on stream.  This year we are punking things up a bit, with some classic Sex Pistols covers and more brilliant Oasis songs.



























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